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Steel Bar Bender

Steel Bar Bender

Steel bar bender is an indispensable steel bar processing machine in construction engineering. It is mainly used to bend various steels into different shapes. It has the advantages of easy operation, solid and durable, and easy to move.

  • Bending Capacity

    Bending Capacity:

    36 mm (ob ≤450N/mm²)
  • Motor Power

    Motor Power:


Why use a steel bar bender?

Due to the disadvantages of flammability and corrosion in wooden buildings, reinforced concrete is mostly used as building materials in modern society. Rebar is a rigid metal strip material. Because it is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and hard, it is very suitable to be used as a skeleton in buildings to assume the role of support from any point of view. However, it is also because of the high hardness of steel bars that it cannot be used in some arc structures.

The applications of steel bar bender

Although some of the finer rebar can be broken by manpower, it is not practical in construction engineering. This way of working is extremely inefficient and has high labor costs. Therefore, the steel bar bender came into being. The rebar bending machine can bend rebar of various diameters into various shapes required. Therefore, it is widely used in high-rise buildings, highway foundations, bridge pile foundations and other fields.

Five major advantages

Humanized design

There are four wheels on the bottom of the machine for easy movement. There are two control methods of foot pedal and button, freeing hands and convenient operation.

All fine steel

The working disc and accessories are made of fine steel, which is solid and durable and improves work efficiency.

Pure copper motor

Using pure copper winding coil, strong power, fast heat dissipation and long service life.

Fully automatic CNC panel

Visual operation, the bending angle is easily adjustable, and the angle error is ±1°.

Convenient and practical

The steel bars can be adjusted and used arbitrarily within the range of 10-210 degrees, and can be adapted to various needs.

Advantages of automatic rebar bender

What are the similarities and differences between  steel bar bender and stirrup bender?


The function of the two is the same, and both are used to bend the steel bar. They both belong to the steel bending machinery.


Different appearance

In the middle of the working table of the steel bar bending machine is a working disc, and holes for inserting pin shafts are arranged on the disc and on both sides of the disc. The worktable of the stirrup bending machine is provided with a disc, a sliding baffle, a knife plate, a central column and an inserting column.

Different applications

Stirrup bending machines are generally used to bend rebars with smaller diameters (below 20mm), while rebar bending machines can be used to bend rebars with larger diameters.

Different prices

Because the automatic rebar bending machine can handle a wider range of steel bar diameters and a wider variety of adjustable angles, the price of it is higher.

Similarities and differences between steel bar bender and stirrup bender

What should you do after receiving the steel bar bender?

  1. Open the product package and check whether the accessories are complete.
  2. Check whether the bolts of the device insertion seat are tightened.
  3. Rotate the pulley manually to check whether the gear is stuck.
  4. Open the oil filling hole and add gear lubricating oil.
  5. Use a wire with a length of no more than 20m to connect to the device, and the ground wire must be reliable and firm.
  6. Turn on the power switch and press the start button. Later, operate the equipment in the forward and reverse directions.in sequence.
  7. If there is no abnormality in the machine, it can be put into production.

How do you use a bar bender?

The main components of the steel bar bender are workbench, pin shaft, operation button, power system, walking wheel and foot pedal. The main part of the workbench is a horizontal working plate rotating on the vertical axis. When working, place the steel bar in the middle position, the pin is fixed on the machine tool, and the center pin and the bending pin are installed on the work plate. Rely on the rotation of the work plate to bend the steel bar. In order to obtain different angles of rebar, there are different holes in the work plate to insert the center pin and the bending pin. The following are the specific operation steps:

  1. Prepare all kinds of pins and tools.
  2. Install the center pin and the bending pin on the working disc according to the requirements of the diameter and bending radius of the processed steel bar.
  3. Press the start button or step on the foot switch to start the iron rod bending machine.
  4. When the working disc rotates, the steel bars begin to bend.
  5. When the steel bar is bent to the desired angle, release the button switch.
  6. Press the reverse rotation button to reset the working disc.

How to maintain the machine?

  • The gear lubricating oil must be replaced and the chassis cleaned every 6 months.
  • Regularly check and tighten the bolts.
  • The working plate must be rotated 90 degrees every time the equipment is used for 1 month. Extend the service life of the steel bending machine by changing the bending starting position.
  • Regularly check the safety of electrical appliances and whether the wiring ports are firm.
  • Do not use a small-diameter mandrel to bend a large-diameter steel bar.
  • When the equipment is not used for a long time, the surface should be coated with anti-rust oil and stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Detail of round steel bar bender

Technical Data:

Bending Capacity(Diameter)


Motor Type


Motor Power


Motor Rpm


Working Disc Rpm


Operating Mode




Oil Volume






Angle Belt Type



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