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LNG Transport Truck

LNG Transport Truck

LNG transport trucks are vehicles specially designed to transport LNG from production or storage sites to end users or LNG storage tank sites. These transport vehicles play a vital role in the energy industry, ensuring that liquefied natural gas is transported over long distances in a safe and efficient manner.

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    Whether it can be customized:



  • The exhaust pipe adopts the front form. For dangerous goods transport vehicles, the vehicle engine exhaust pipe should be placed in front. Moreover, an exhaust spark extinguisher should be installed, which is installed at the end of the exhaust pipe to cool the exhaust gas of the motor vehicle, thereby extinguishing the sparks carried in the exhaust gas.
  • The outside of the tank is marked with painted notices, diamond-shaped markings, hazard indicators, and orange lettering to facilitate identification and detection by other personnel.
  • Static conductive rubber belt. The static belt is installed on the sub-beam of the vehicle, which can lead the static electricity into the ground, keep the box at zero point all the time, and prevent the generation of static sparks.
  • The tank body is a double-layer tank body, generally including an outer tank and an inner tank. The middle adopts vacuum powder filling or multi-layer winding structure, which has good heat insulation performance and low evaporation rate.
lng transport truck
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