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Three-roller Coating Machine

Three-roller Coating Machine

This equipment is a continuous surface coating machine, especially suitable for surface modification of powders such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, graphite, talc, silica micropowder, magnesium hydroxide, barium sulfate, etc.

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    Coating rate:

    More than 95%
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Brief introduction

Powder surface modification is an inevitable product of modern high-tech and new material development. Powder modification not only can improve the performance of the powder, but also can improve its practical value and broaden its application field.

The three-roller coating machine is a kind of self friction and continuous powder surface modification machine. It is especially suitable for the surface modification of ultra-fine powder. Moreover, it has no dust pollution in the production process and is easy to operate, which has been welcomed by the customers once it was introduced. Just like its name, it is called three-roller coating machine because it changes the internal vortex flow through three rotating rotors to realize the surface modification of powder.

three-roller modification machine

Wide applications

The three-roller coating machine is generally suitable for the modification of 325 to 1250 mesh powders, such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, strong alumina, sericite, barium sulfate, white carbon black, titanium dioxide, talc, graphite, silica micropowder, barium sulfate, etc.

The modified calcium carbonate powder forms a special cladding structure on the surface, which can significantly improve the dispersion and affinity in the polymer matrix such as polyolefin. And it can produce interfacial interaction with the polymer matrix, thus improving the impact strength of products, and is an incremental filler with excellent performance.

wide application of three-roller coating machine

Modified calcium carbonate for general rubber, plastic products have a certain complementary properties, can improve the compatibility of inorganic filler and resin, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the product, processing properties, improve the thermal stability of composite materials, to achieve high filler. Especially for pvc pipe, plate, cable material, etc., modified calcium carbonate can not only improve the thermal stability of composite materials, surface finish and the amount of filler, but also reduce the amount of resin and reduce production costs.

In addition, modified calcium carbonate can be widely used in paper making, rubber, coating, plastic, ink, toothpaste and other fields.

Features of our three-roller coating machine

1.The three modification chambers of the main machine are triangularly distributed with compact structure. It uses the heat generated by the relative high speed rotation of the stator and rotor inside the cavity to form self-friction for modification, without adding any additional heating system. Low investment and operating costs.

2.This coating machine can run in continuous production with large output and is suitable for industrial production of various scales.

3.Accurate measurement of the ratio of powder and modifying agent. High usage rate of modifier and low consumption. Good modification effect of powder and high coating rate.

4.Adopting metering spiral feeding and frequency conversion to adjust the spiral speed, which can ensure the stability of feeding.

5.The dosing system is electrically heated, equipped with temperature sensor, and the heating temperature can be set arbitrarily, which is suitable for various solid modified chemicals.

three-roller coating machine in site

6.Our three-roller coating machine is equipped with double cyclone separator, which has high separation efficiency. It is also equipped with pulse type bag dust collector, high dust removal efficiency, large filtering area, not easy to block.

7.It adopts a unique cold powder, hot agent high-speed gas-solid phase vortex mixing operation mode, which has high modification efficiency and basically does not destroy the original shape of the powder.

8.The three-rpller coating machine has both modifying and dispersing functions, and is suitable for materials of various finenesses. It has unique modifying effect on materials with small apparent specific gravity and large visible ratio, such as barium sulfate, white carbon black, mica powder, talcum powder, etc.

9.Negative pressure operation of materials, good sealing, no leakage of dust, basically no pollution, good operating environment, low labor intensity.


The three-roller coating production line is mainly composed of feeding screw, main coating machine, roots blower, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector, storage silo, stearic acid tank, electric control cabinet and other parts.

Among them, the main machine includes bearing block, end closure, stator, rotator, main case, belt pulley, motor and other parts.

components of three-roller coating machine

Working principle

The material from the storage silo is fed into the modification machine by the double screw feeding system, and the modifier is measured by the metering pump and enters the modification machine at the same time as the material. If solid modifier is used, the modifier will first be heated and melted to liquid state in the temperature-controlled dosing system.

The main machine is composed of three modified cylinders in a triangular shape. The modifier and the powder to be modified automatically and continuously enter the first modified cylinder. When they flow through each modified cylinder, they are impacted by airflow in different directions. The high-speed rotor makes the specially designed modified cylinder form a vortex, so that the material and the modified agent are fully broken up.

working principle of three-roller coating machine

Relying on the heat generated by the rotor high-speed rotation and powder material impact, shear and friction, the powder and modifier in the barrel quickly warmed up to the temperature required for modification, so that the two can fully contact and mix, then the modifier can quickly and evenly interact with the surface of the powder particles, coating the surface of the particles to complete the modification of the powder surface coating.

Finally, under negative pressure, the finished product is cooled and collected by a cyclone dust collection system, after which a small amount of powder is then completely collected by a pulse dust collector.

Why choose Daswell?

As a professional mineral processing solution supplier, we Daswell Machinery have accumulated more than thirty years of experience. We are at the leading level in China in the modification of non-metallic powders and can provide the best solutions for our customers. Up to now, we have provided high quality products and technical support to customers in many countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Uganda, etc.

transport coating machine to other countries

Moreover, in addition to the modification equipment, we can also provide grinding equipment. If you want to add grinding equipment before the modification equipment, our technical staff will also design a suitable solution for you. At present, we have also established our branch offices in Egypt and other countries. If you have any problems with the installation, use and maintenance of the equipment, our technicians can provide on-site service to help you solve the problem quickly.

So, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of modification machinery and want to use the equipment without worries, welcome to get in touch with us!

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