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Steel Bar Cutter

Steel Bar Cutter

Steel bar cutter is a common steel bar processing machine, which is widely used for cutting various kinds of steel bars. Suitable for construction, airports, tunnels, culverts, bridges and other projects.

  • Cutting Capacity

    Cutting Capacity:

    6-36 mm (ob ≤450N/mm²)
  • Motor Power

    Motor Power:


Steel bar cutter is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of rebar processing. Mainly used in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy and other projects. Compared with other cutting equipment, the steel bar cutting machine has the characteristics of light weight, low energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency.

Advantages of steel bar cutter

What type of bars can it cut?

The unique design of the rebar cutting machine makes it possible to cut different types of steel bars, including round bar, angle bar, square bar, flat bar, etc.

Round bar

Round bar refers to long solid steel with a circular section. The shape of round steel is smooth and round without thread. This is a significant difference between it and other steels. In addition, the strength of round bar is relatively low, but the plasticity is higher than that of other steels.

Angle bar

Angle bar refers to a long strip of steel whose two sides are perpendicular to each other and form an angle. Angle steel can form different stress components, and can also be used as connectors between components. It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as house beams, bridges, transmission towers, warehouse shelves, etc.

Square bar

Square bar is a solid steel with a square cross-section. It is mainly used in fine decoration, such as doors and windows.

Flat bar

Flat bar is a steel with a rectangular cross-section and a slightly blunt edge. Generally speaking, the width is 12-300mm and the thickness is 3-60mm. Flat bar can be used as finished steel or as a blank for welded pipes. It is generally used to make house frame structural parts, escalators, fences, and iron hoop materials.

Application range of steel rebar cutter

Features of steel bar cutter in Daswell Machinery

  • Small size and light weight, easy to transport and move.
  • Simple structure and easy operation.
  • Adopt high-speed standard motor, good quality, stable performance and longer service life
  • Adopt noise reduction device. When the cutting machine is working, its noise will not affect other workers.
  • The error is small, the performance is good, and the work efficiency is improved.

Metal bar cutting machine in the factory

Steel bar cutter safety operation rules

  • After the metal bar cutter is started, it should be idling first to check whether the transmission parts and bearings are running normally.
  • Do not cut steel bars whose diameter and strength exceed those specified on the mechanical nameplate.
  • When cutting steel bars, the distance between the hand and the knife edge should not be less than 15cm.
  • During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to directly remove the broken ends and sundries near the knife edge by hand.
  • Non-operators are not allowed to stay within the swing range of the rebar and near the knife edge.
  • If it is found that the machine is running abnormally, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance.
  • After the work is completed, the power supply should be cut off and the sundries near the machine should be removed. It is best to clean and lubricate the whole machine.

How to choose a iron rod cutting machine correctly?

How to choose a steel bar cutter machine

Steel bar cutter company

Determine whether the manufacturer has production qualifications and whether there are corresponding certificate procedures. It is recommended that users go to the factory to inspect the production strength, worker level and service of the manufacturer before purchasing.

Quality of steel rod cutting machine

After selecting the model, you can test the machine before leaving the factory. Check whether the machine can operate normally, and you can also check the various accessories of the machine.

Whether the after-sales service is perfect

Long-term use of the metal bar cutting machine will inevitably lead to some problems. If the after-sales service is not in place, it will greatly affect the progress of the project.

Why choose Daswell?

Timely delivery

Our company has been engaged in the export of construction machinery for more than 10 years and has extremely rich experience. We have established a comprehensive process to avoid unnecessary steps in the export process. When you decide to buy our machine, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Product customization

If the existing machine model does not meet your needs, it can be customized according to specific requirements.

Intimate service

We will have specialized technical staff to provide you with intimate pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. Moreover, in order to give customers a better buying experience, we have established branches in many countries. For example, Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan.

Quality Assurance

Our machines will have a one-year warranty period. If there is a problem with the machine during this period, a professional engineer will solve the corresponding problem for you. And we will have a special parts library to reserve the wearing parts of various machines. If the customer needs a replacement part, the fastest way will be taken to arrange the shipment immediately.

Daswell Machinery's advantages

Technical Data:

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