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90m<sup>3</sup> Stationary Concrete Batching Plant In Ecuador

90m3 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant In Ecuador

Production capacity: 90m³/h

Processing materials: Aggregate, cement, water, additive

Equipment configuration: Twin shaft concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine, bolted silo, weighing system, control system, etc

Online Inquiry

Technical solution

This customer obtained our contact information through our website and then sent us an inquiry.

The content of the email was as follows:

We need to produce RCC concrete, the largest aggregate diameter is less than 50mm, the production capacity is between 80-100m³ per hour, so how much is the complete concrete mixing plant to Ecuador?

After further communication between our sales manager and the customer, we thought that the CBP90 belt conveyor concrete batching plant was perfect for our customer. The capacity of this type of concrete plant is 90 cubic meters per hour.

The configuration of this plant includes TCM2000 twin shaft concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine with 4 bins, two bolted silos of 100t, cement weighing machine, water weighing machine, additive weighing machine, PLC control system and so on.Configuration Of 90m3/h Stationary Concrete Batching


  • The concrete mixer adopts TCM2000 double horizontal shaft mixer, which has good mixing quality and high productivity, and can mix evenly in a short time for dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete.
  • The modular design of the stationary mixing plant makes transportation, installation and disassembly easy and fast.
  • The control system can clearly and accurately observe the operation of the machine and realize real-time control.
  • All metering and control components on our concrete batch plants are imported from famous brands, which ensure the accuracy and stability of metering.
  • The production is carried out in a sealed environment, which greatly reduces the pollution of dust and noise to the environment and has good environmental performance.
  • Long service life. As long as regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, the equipment can always be used.
  • Mechanized operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency.
  • Each repair and maintenance area has a platform or ladder for easy maintenance. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Characteristics

Feedback from our customer

The customer purchased a CBP90 stationary concrete mixing plant in 2013, and we has been keeping a close eye on the operation of the equipment during the period of use. Moreover, we make regular visits to the customer. Through the feedback from the customers, we will continuously improve the production technology and enhance the performance of the equipment to serve the customers better.

During a call back on May 28, 2022, we learned that the concrete batching mixing plant is still used to produce commercial concrete. The customer sells the commercial concrete to local construction companies for city construction, infrastructure construction, bridge construction, etc. The customer said that the equipment is easy to operate, good production efficiency, easy maintenance, timely supply of spare parts, and has gained good economic benefits so far. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Characteristics

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