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about us

A Brand of High Quality Machinery Solution from China

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale machinery manufacturing company located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Our company has over 30 years of manufacturing experience so far. Daswell is committed to the development of crushing and screening equipment, mining grinding equipment and powder coating equipment, concrete mixing equipment and pumping equipment, as well as road construction machine and other light equipment.

So far, our products are exported to more than 60 countries overseas. And in order to better communicate and serve overseas customers, we have branches and offices in many countries, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Mexico, Indonesia, etc.

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Company history

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1986 Daswell original team started to produce construction equipment.


In 2009, it started to do the international market and realized the export for the first time. The concrete mixer was exported to Colombia.


In 2010, the crusher and pulverizer were exported for the first time to the Egyptian market.


Registered the DASWELL brand, focusing on high-end concrete and mining machinery


The equipment obtained CE certification and was exported to Ireland, a developed European country for the first time.


The first large-scale mobile batching plant was exported to the Philippines.


Established a branch in the Philippines.


Branches in Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, etc. have been established successively.

company culture

36 years of focus on manufacturing construction and mining machinery, we adhere to the original intention, only to provide better machinery for our customers

Brand story

Daswell has been engaged in the development and manufacture of machinery for many years. The Chinese name of our company is "Dawei". In Chinese characters, "Da" has the meaning of reaching and fulfilling; while "Wei" means capable and strong. This means that our company's original intention is to make very strong machines. Since 2012, our Daswell Machinery has started to enter and develop the international market, intending to bring our excellent mechanical products out of China and into the world. In the initial period, we found that in foreign trade, some Chinese products advertised and sold on the Internet were of poor quality, which seriously affected the reputation of Chinese construction machinery products in the international market. In order to let more customers in the international market know that China also has many high-quality construction machinery products, and also for international customers to remember the name of our company Daswell. We decided to use a simple English name that reflects our values.


In the end, after careful consideration and discussions, we decided to use the brand name DASWELL. The "DAS" in "DASWELL" comes from a German root meaning the article "this". Because we believe that the quality of German machinery and equipment is very good, we want to learn their craftsmanship from Germany and make our products high quality. "WELL" means "very good" in English. The brand name "DASWELL" represents "this is good", and also represents our determination to provide customers with high-quality products.

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