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BMM6-15 Brick Production Line In Mexico

BMM6-15 Brick Production Line In Mexico

Production capacity: 8000 (for 240*115*53mm)(pcs/h)

Processing materials: fly ash, construction waste, cinder, etc

Equipment configuration: fully automatic hydraulic brick machine, moulds, block stacker, etc

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How much is your BMM6-15 fully automatic hydraulic brick machine?

I am planning to start a brick making business, so I want to invest in a brick production line to produce 110*140*280mm solid bricks for sale. Please send more details with shipping price to Mexico, thanks.


QT6-15 hydraulic main machine, a set of belt conveyor, a block stacker, hydraulic trolley, mould (110*140*280mm), 60HZ Siemens motor, PCM1000 planetary concrete mixer, Schneider electronic components and other accessoriesAutomatic Hydraulic Brick Machine Production Line Delivery Picture


  • The production process does not require the consumption of clay, which is conducive to the protection of land resources and ecological environment.
  • Construction waste can be used as raw materials for the burn-free brick machine, reducing production costs and realizing the comprehensive use of resources.
  • Different sizes and shapes of bricks can be produced by simply changing the mold.
  • PLC control system with simple operation, can realize fully automatic production.
  • Imported sealing parts and hydraulic components make the comprehensive performance of the equipment stable and reliable.
  • Simple production process, small footprint and easy maintenance.BMM6-15 Brick Production Line

Feedback from our customer

This customer found out about our brick machine through our regular customers in Mexico. He contacted us for a quotation after examining the production process, overall performance, and the quality of the components of our automatic brick machine.

According to the customer, he has his own cement silo, batching machine and other equipment, but lacks concrete mixer, automatic hydraulic brick machine, block stacker, belt conveyor and so on. After contacting us, our technical staff had a close communication with the customer. Finally, the customer received our design plan, product configuration and quotation within one working day.

In a recent customer visit, we learned that the customer is very satisfied with the production of the brick machine, with few cases of failure. The quality of the bricks produced is good and the sales situation is good.BMM6-15 Brick Production Line In Mexico Working Site

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