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Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, small size, etc. It can meet different discharge size requirements by adjusting the screen bar gap.

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Brief description

HC series crusher machine is a small hammer crusher which can be installed with 16-24 hammer heads. This hammer mill crusher is suitable for crushing materials with size less than 350mm into finished materials with size less than 15mm.

Application field

HC hammer crusher machine is suitable for mining, coal mining, power plant desulfurization, concrete mixing plant, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.

Applicable materials

HC hammer stone crusher is capable of medium and fine crushing of materials below medium hardness such as limestone, granite, cobblestone, dolomite, iron ore, coal, coke, clay, glass, slag, construction waste, etc.

application of hammer crusher

Structrue & Parts

HC small hammer rock crusher is mainly composed of transmission device, rotor, impact liner plate, grate screen and housing, etc. As shown in the figure below.

The outside of the hammer crusher frame is welded by wear-resistant steel plates, and the inside of the shell is made of manganese steel, which can be replaced after wear.

The rotor is the main part of hammer break. The motor drives the rotor through the shaft coupling, and the rotor drives the hammer to run at high speed when it rotates. The material enters the crushing chamber and is crushed by the action of the hammers and the impact liner plate.

The main function of the main shaft is to support the rotor. During the crushing process, it has to bear the impact force and weight of the rotor and hammer head, so Daswell uses high strength and toughness material to produce the main shaft.

The hammer frame and hammer head are susceptible to wear and impact from the ore during the crushing process, so we use wear-resistant materials to produce our machine. And the quality of hammer head is the key factor to affect the output of hammer crusher, we pay special attention to the wear resistance of key wearing parts.

structure of hammer stone crusher

Working principle of hammer crusher

When the hammer mill crusher is in operation, the motor drives the rotor and drives the hammer head on the rotor to rotate at high speed. The material enters the crushing chamber and is impacted by the hammer head at high speed and is thrown towards the impact plate for secondary crushing.

Then, the material with size less than the grate screen is discharged through the discharge port, and the material with large size will be bounced back and crushed again until it meets the size requirement. In the crushing cavity, the materials will collide with each other to achieve the crushing effect.

Advantages of hammer stone crusher

  • The hammer crusher is equipped with a hydraulic station with many functions such as high speed discharge, stable vibration reduction of the impact plate and automatic opening of the machine body.
  • The hammer head, impact liner plate and other wearing parts are made of high manganese steel, which are more wear-resistant compared with other manufacturers' hammer crushers.
  • It is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight and easy to transport.
  • Customers can adjust the gap between the impact liner plate and plate hammer to produce different size of finished products.
  • The hammer crusher has low production cost, high productivity and good overall benefit.
  • The stone hammer crusher body is fully sealed to effectively prevent dust pollution and dust leakage from the crushing plant.
hammer crusher in factory

How to ensure efficient production of hammer crusher?

  • The compressive strength of the material to be processed must be less than 200 MPa and the material must not be corrosive.
  • The moisture content of the material to be crushed should be less than 15%. If the moisture content of the raw material is too large, the size of the crushed product will be uneven.
  • The impact hammer crusher should be carefully checked before operation to avoid low productivity problems caused by improper installation.
  • The materials should be fed at a uniform rate and in the right amount.
  • The hammer head and impact liner plate should be replaced in time if they are worn to avoid affecting the capacity of the equipment and to avoid secondary damage to the crusher.
  • The manufacturer's perfect after-sales service is the key to ensure the efficient production of equipment, but is also very easy to be ignored. Daswell attaches great importance to the timely supply of wearing parts, timely troubleshooting and other services to ensure that the equipment to achieve efficient production, to bring maximum benefits to customers.
hammer stone crusher works in customer's site

China best hammer crusher supplier

With rich manufacturing experience more than 30 years and over 10 years of export experience, Daswell has highly qualified management personnel and professional engineers. We have established a complete service system and built an experienced service team.

As a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, etc., serving many industries and fields, and have gained a good reputation in the world. As one of the best hammer crusher suppliers in China, we always welcome you to visit our factory! If you have any requests or questions, please contact us.

our production factory

Packing & delivery of hammer crusher

We support delivery service. First we will box the hammer crusher parts separately. Then the installed and debugged equipment will be finished packed with plastic film. Finally, the main machine will be put into the container together with the accessories and will be delivered to your designated port within the specified time.

In addition, Daswell engineers can provide you with free services such as site planning and design, schematic design, professional technical training and on-site guidance for troubleshooting.

transport hammer crusher

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