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Tyre Gantry Crane

Tyre Gantry Crane

The main beam, outriggers and whole machine of the tire gantry crane adopt box-type structure, with small wheel pressure and reliable performance. The crane running mechanism adopts a trolley with 4 axes and 2 longitudinal tires, hydraulic suspension. It is fully hydraulically driven and electro-hydraulic controlled. It has trolley power supply device and trolley power supply device. The tire can realize 90° steering for field change operation, and has 20° or 45° inclined function. There are three operation modes: pendent control, cabin operation and electric remote control. The power supply mode is shared by diesel generator set and cable drum.

  • Lifting capacity

    Lifting capacity:

    5-200 tons
  • Span




It can be widely used in factories, freight yards, warehouses, material storage, cement plants, industries, ports, and other workplaces for lifting and loading and unloading goods.


The tire gantry crane is mainly composed of the main beam, gantry, bottom beam, running trolley, lifting mechanism, electrical system, hydraulic system, steering mechanism, and traveling mechanism.

Main beam: Carefully selected materials, high strength, light weight, not easy to deform, discolor, fade

Trolley: Easy to operate, with wire handle operation and remote control operation. High operating efficiency and small space occupation.

Gantry: Stable loading. High operating efficiency, high building clearance, light weight, small wheel pressure, easy installation and disassembly.

Bottom beam: The bottom beam generally adopts a box-shaped structure with equal cross-section, connected to the trolley with a pin shaft, and the connecting ear plate adopts a thick plate structure. In order to withstand lateral forces, a shear block is added between the bottom beam and the wheel balance beam.


  • 1. Single beam tire crane
  • 2. Double beam tire crane
  • 3. Hydraulic tire boat handler
  • 4. Tire container gantry crane


  • 1. High site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility. High-level lifting operations can be achieved without relying on large-scale steel structure workshops, which greatly improves space utilization efficiency and makes their deployment and movement more flexible.
  • 2. It has high adaptability, strong flexibility, convenient transfer position, energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability, strong lifting capacity, low maintenance requirements, easy to realize automatic operation, and significantly saves labor costs.
  • 3. The equipment has good scalability. The spreader can automatically move to any horizontal and vertical angle. It can be equipped with various track plate spreaders, sleeper devices, tool rail clamps and other lifting tools.
  • 4. The whole machine adopts fully hydraulic transmission traveling mechanism and lifting mechanism, which can achieve infinite speed change, which can meet the customer's use requirements under different working conditions. The traveling mechanism adopts a hydraulic closed circuit, which has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency and low failure rate. .
  • 5. Quality assurance. Our company has strict production processes, reliable supply chain management, scientific selection, and cost-effectiveness. Provide customers with reliable products according to unified standards.
  • 6. A variety of product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements to greatly meet the needs of different customers.
  • 7. Worry-free service. Powerful sales and service system with comprehensive coverage. Our company's after-sales service personnel are serious and serious, handle problems properly, and make customers feel at ease.
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