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Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane

The overhead crane is a lifting device that is horizontally placed over the workshop, warehouse, etc. for material lifting. Because its two ends are located on tall concrete columns or metal supports, it is shaped like a bridge, so it is called a bridge crane.

  • Type


    Single / Double girder
  • Lifting capacity

    Lifting capacity:

    5t, 8t, 10t, 20t, 32t, 40t, 50t, 80t

Types of overhead crane

Single girder overhead crane

single girder overhead crane

  • The lifting capacity is 2t, 3.2t, 5t, 6t, 8t, 10t, 12t, 16t, etc. If customers need other lifting capacity, it can be customized.
  • The span is 7.5m~22.5m, and the power of the whole machine is 2.7~21.4Kw.
  • The main girder is a single main girder or H-beam structure, which is formed by welding steel plates: the steel plate material is Q235-B; the vertical deflection is L/800; the steel plates are pretreated by shot blasting to meet the Sa2.5 standard; the main girder and end girder are connected by high-strength bolts to ensure the precision and smooth operation of the whole machine.

Double girder overhead crane

double girder overhead crane

  • Its lifting capacity is 5t, 8t, 10t, 12.5t, 16t, 20t, 25t, 32t, 40t, 50t, 63t, 80t, etc. If customers need other lifting capacity, it can be customized.
  • The span is 7.5m~31.5m, and its working temperature is -10~+40℃.
  • It is an intermediate work system with a wide range of uses, excellent safety, ergonomic design, easy and efficient material transportation, and its compact size structure is very conducive to saving space.
  • It is mostly used in machinery manufacturing and assembly, warehouses and other places.

Features of overhead crane

overhead crane in factory

Superior performance characteristics

  • Best use of space: Compact installation size, optimized limit position and minimum hook size.
  • Precise positioning and smooth operation: Frequency conversion technology is used to accurately control the lifting and running speed of the crane, realize stable start and stop, and reduce the shaking of the load.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs: Adopting green design concept, the whole machine has low power consumption and low power consumption.
  • The electromagnetic disc brake can automatically adjust the clearance, and the service life of the brake pad is long, which can reach 1million times.

Optimized structural design

  • Single beam bridge crane with radio remote control and drag chain power supply.
  • Double beam bridge crane with manual switch control and traction power supply.
  • Connection mode of main and end beams of crane: The main and end beams are connected by high-strength bolts to ensure the safe and stable operation of the crane and simplify transportation, installation and maintenance.
  • Optimized structural design, making full use of various plant spaces.

Reliable control system

  • The electronic monitoring unit provides the crane with maximum safety and ensures the longest service life.
  • The control circult is output by the transformer, and the control voltage is 48V. This control voltage device ensures that when the lifting occurs at the same time as the crane and trolley operation. It has sufficient power output.
  • With safety standard protection function.
  • Low maintenance cost and reduced maintenance time: Increase the service life of wheels and tracks; Reduce the wear of brake pads; Reduce the expenditure of maintenance costs and the number of personnel.

Advanced intelligence characteristics

  • Security ---- Load handling is accurate and controllable to reduce accident risk
  • Efficient ---- Fast positioning, saving time
  • Cost savings --- Reduce maintenance and prolong the service life of components
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