Line Pump VS Boom Pump Which Is Better For You?

Last Updated: 2022-05-31

When you need to transport a large amount of concrete to the construction site, you will have to use the concrete pumps. Because the traditional transportation method of wheelbarrow is not only inefficient in construction, but also requires a lot of labor, which increases the labor intensity and cost. So, it is a wise choice to buy a concrete pump. It will help you to transport the concrete to the place you need quickly.

There are two common types of concrete pumps, one is a line pump and one is a boom pump. Line pump is a kind of equipment that conveys concrete through pipes relying on pressure. It is equipped with pipes that can convey concrete along the pipes to complete continuous horizontal and vertical transportation. A boom pump, also called a concrete pump truck, is a high-efficiency concrete conveying equipment that integrates driving, pumping and placing into one. It is called concrete boom pump because it is installed the placing boom on the chassis.Line Pump VS Boom Pump

These two types of cement pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages, so they are suitable for different projects. So when to use a concrete line pump? When to use a concrete boom pump? I will give you a detailed introduction below.

Line pump advantages

Because the line pump is equipped with a lot of pipes, its pumping distance and pumping height are a little higher. Theoretically, the horizontal pumping distance of the largest model of trailer concrete pump on the market is 2000 meters, and the vertical pumping distance is 400 meters. Of course, the pumping distance will be affected by the fluidity of the concrete, the operation method, the quality of the equipment, etc. Therefore, you can consult the corresponding manufacturers for more detailed information.

Moreover, the concrete trailer pump is smaller and lighter in weight, so it can better adapt to the construction site. Even if the construction site is narrow, it can finish pumping very well.

In addition, the concrete line pump price is relatively cheap. Even if your investment budget is not that sufficient, a line pump is still affordable for you. Moreover, its return on investment is relatively high and you can quickly recover your costs and start making a profit.Concrete Line Pump Features

Line pump disadvantages

A trailer line pump, as the name suggests, is a type of concrete pump that needs to be towed by a trailer. When you need to transfer it, you have to use other equipment to move it. If the distance is close, you can choose to tow it with a trailer, towing speed can not exceed 16km/h. But if the distance is far, the line pumps can not be driven on the road, you can only use the truck to transfer it.

In addition, the trailer mounted concrete pump needs to lay pipes before pumping concrete. Usually a pump pipe is more than 1 meter, and if you want to pump 300 meters, you need to connect these pump pipes first. And, when the pumping is completed, you also need to clean and disassemble these pump pipes. All this work takes some time and manpower.Pumping Concrete Construction Case

Line pump applications

Relatively speaking, the pumping volume per hour of a tow behind concrete pump is smaller than that of a boom pump. So, when your project is small, you can choose the line pump. In addition, the line pump concrete is smaller and relatively more flexible. If your construction site is small, you can use a it. Also, when you need to pump concrete to a longer distance, a line concrete pump is a good choice.Concrete Pump Application

Boom pump advantages

The boom pump, on the one hand, because it comes with its own chassis, so it can move quickly to the next construction site when you need to transfer. Moreover, it can drive independently on the road and does not need the help of other equipment to complete the transfer. This will greatly reduce the transfer time.

On the other hand, the boom pump truck is equipped with a flexible telescopic boom, so before pumping, there is no need to lay pipes, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves manpower. And because the concrete pump truck is equipped with a concrete placing boom, when there are obstacles around the construction, workers can not lay the pipe, then the advantages of automatic telescoping boom are highlighted.

Besides, the pumping system and driving system of the boom pump share a common power, which is simple and convenient to operate, and the operator can start working quickly after training.Boom Pump Advantages

Boom pump disadvantages

Relatively speaking, the concrete boom truck is more expensive and is more suitable for those customers with sufficient budget and large volume of works. In addition, the form of the outrigger of the concrete truck pump is also very important. If the outriggers are not placed correctly at work, it is easy to cause overturning and pose a certain threat to the safety of the operator.

Moreover, the expansion and contraction of the placing boom also requires a certain amount of space. If there is no sufficient operating space, the boom pump will not be able to carry out its work normally.

Also, the placing boom length of the concrete boom pump is limited. Currently, the longest boom length commonly available on the market is 62 meters. If you want to pump farther or higher distance, the boom pump may not be able to meet your needs.

Boom pump applications

Because the truck mounted concrete pump has a greater pumping capacity per hour, it is a good choice when you have a project that requires a lot of concrete. Alternatively, if you have a budget and don't want to hire too many workers, you can choose a boom pump that is easier to operate to reduce labor intensity.Boom Pump Applications


Whether your project is large or small, it is vital to purchase a suitable concrete pump. According to the above article, we have made a summary of these two kinds of concrete pumps.

Line pump

Boom pump

Pumping capacity



With chassis or not



Lay pipes before pumping



Suitable for vertical pumping

No, more suitable for horizontal pumping


Suitable for large projects

No, more suitable for small projects

Yes, it has large pumping capacity


Relatively cheap

More expensive

If you have other questions or you don't know how to choose the right concrete pump for your project, welcome to consult us. We will provide you with professional answers and services.High-efficiency Concrete Pump Manufacturer

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