How Far Can Concrete Pumps Reach?

Last Updated: 2022-05-31

Due to its unique advantages, concrete pump replaces the traditional manual transportation of concrete and is widely used in various construction projects such as road building, bridge building and tunnel building. Specifically, the use of concrete pumps has these benefits: save time and manpower; pump concrete to places that are difficult for workers to reach; continuous pumping improves work efficiency; simple operation and easy maintenance. These advantages make more and more investors willing to invest in concrete pumps.

Then investors are very concerned about a question is, how far can the concrete pumps reach? Can the pumping distance meet the needs of their projects? This article will give you a detailed introduction.Engineering Fields For Concrete Pumps

Types of concrete pumps

Before we introduce the pumping distance, we first need to understand several common concrete pumps on the market. There are three main types of concrete pumps, trailer pumps, boom pumps and concrete mixer pumps.

A trailer pump is a kind of equipment that uses the pump pipes for pumping concrete. Before pumping concrete, the operator needs to connect the pump pipes first.

The boom pump comes with its own chassis and placing boom, so there is no need to lay pipes in advance. Since it comes with a retractable boom, it can easily complete the work of pumping.Types Of Concrete Pumps

The concrete mixer pump is designed for those who want to produce and convey concrete on site. It combines the functions of mixing and pumping in one unit and is suitable for those contractors who are working on small projects.

Different concrete pumps have different features and advantages. Of course, their pumping distances are also different. Before buying a concrete pump, you need to know roughly their pumping distances to know which concrete pump can better meet your needs.

Reach distances of trailer pumps

Due to the good flexibility of the trailer pump, it has a wide range of applications all over the world. For the pumping distance of the trailer pump, it is influenced by many factors, such as the outlet pressure, the fluidity of the concrete to be pumped, the diameter of the conveying cylinder and so on. Therefore, the distance that can be pumped by the trailer pump is different under different circumstances.

The common models of towing pump on the market are CPD40 to CPD90. 40 means that the maximum theoretical concrete output capacity of this model is 40 cubic meters per hour. And the max. theoretical vertical conveying distance of CPD40 is 150 meters, and the max. theoretical horizontal conveying distance is 400 meters. At present, the largest model of the trailer pump is CPD90, which has a max. vertical pumping distance of 400 meters and a max. horizontal pumping distance of 2000 meters. If you need to pump the horizontal distance farther, you can choose the trailer pump.

Generally speaking, if you want to pump 12 to 15 floors, you can choose CPD40. If you want to pump a higher height, such as pumping a 44-story building, then it is recommended that you use the CPD80. Of course, it also depends on the fluidity of the concrete you want to pump.Concrete Pump Trailer Construction Site

Reach distances of boom pumps

The the pumping distance of boom pump depends mainly on the length of the placing boom because it does not need to connect the additional pipes to pump the concrete. At present, the smallest model of boom pump we commonly see is 22m, and the largest model is 63m. The number of boom is different for different models. 30m pump is 4 sections boom; 38m pump is 5 sections boom. Moreover, the folding form of their booms is also different.

The vertical height of the boom of the 22m pump truck is 22 meters, the horizontal length is 18.1 meters and the vertical depth is 10.5 meters. And the vertical height of the boom of the 63m pump is 62.5 meters, the horizontal height is 58.5 meters, and the vertical depth is 47 meters. Generally speaking, the boom pump is more suitable for pumping concrete vertically.

If you want to pump the height of three floors, 30m pump truck is very suitable for you. If you want to pump a five-story height, we recommend you to use a 47m pump truck.Reach Distances Of Boom Pumps

Reach distances of concrete mixer pumps

Similar to the trailer pump, the concrete mixer pump also needs to lay the pipelines before pumping. But different from the trailer pump, the concrete mixer pump also has the function of mixing.

The pumping distance of the concrete mixer pump also depends on the pumping pressure at the outlet. The common models of concrete mixer pump are DMP40 and DMP50. The outlet pressure of DMP40 is 8MPa, its max. theoretical vertical pumping distance is 50m, and the horizontal pumping distance is 200m. And the outlet pressure of DMP50 is 10MPa, its theoretical vertical pumping distance is 60m, and the horizontal pumping distance is 200m.

With the development of infrastructure construction all over the world, you will often see the figure of concrete mixer pump in the building and road construction site in townships and mountainous areas. Especially for the construction of 5 to 10-story buildings, the concrete mixer pump is a good choice.Concrete Mixer Pump Construction Site

How to improve the pumping distance of concrete pump?

Different types of concrete pumps have different performance, different power and different pumping pressure. This makes different concrete pumps adapt to different sizes of building construction. If you want the concrete pump to pump concrete higher and farther, you need to work on three aspects: concrete quality, piping layout and maintenance.

Piping layout

Lay the pumping pipelines according to the project and construction site characteristics, pumping distance and other factors. Shorten the length of pipes as much as possible, and less bends and hoses should be used. Pump pipe joints should be tight to avoid slurry leakage. Pipes without cracks, damage and bends should also be used.

Concrete quality

The ratio and fluidity of concrete will also affect the pumping distance and height. Concrete with low frictional resistance, no segregation and good adhesion will be easier to pump, the pumping distance and height will be increased accordingly, and the probability of pump blockage will be reduced accordingly.


In daily use, the concrete pump needs to be operated in a standard way. It should be placed in a flat and solid place with no obstacle around. Check whether the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and water tank are sufficient before operation, and whether the protective grid on the hopper is intact and covered tightly. Check that the fasteners are complete and undamaged, securely installed and tightened to meet the requirements, etc.

If you can do the above, it will improve the pumping distance of your concrete pump to some extent.

Any other questions, please feel free to consult us. We will sincerely serve you!High Quality Concrete Pumps Manufacturer Daswell

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