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Diesel Drum Mixer

Diesel Drum Mixer

Diesel drum mixer has the advantages of reliable transmission, easy to operate and low energy consumption. It is suitable for concrete component factories and general construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects. And the use of diesel engine can realize the smooth work of the machine under harsh working conditions.

  • Charging Volume(L)

    Charging Volume(L):

    560 and 750
  • Discharging Volume(L)

    Discharging Volume(L):

    350 and 500

What is a diesel drum mixer?

Diesel drum mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand and water into a concrete mixture. This mixing process is achieved by the rotation of the mixing drum and the gravity of the material itself. It does not need an external power supply and is directly powered by a diesel engine, so it is deeply loved by customers in countries and regions with unstable power. Diesel concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized prefabricated factories, construction sites, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and other construction projects.

Diesel drum mixers with different lifting methods

Diesel drum mixer type

Classified by output

Our machine has two kinds of output, the discharging volume is 350L and 500L respectively. Customers can choose reasonably according to their own construction period and concrete demand.

Classified by lifting method

Our diesel mixers can provide two lifting methods: hydraulic lifting and wire rope lifting. The hydraulic lifting method is relatively stable and the price will be slightly more expensive. The wire rope lifting method is mechanical and easier to maintain, but the wire rope is a wearing part. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your needs.

Classified by the number of wheels

Generally, we will equip the diesel cement mixer with two wheels. There are also customers who will ask for four wheels because it is easier to turn. The convenience has improved, and the price will be slightly higher.

Different types of diesel drum mixers

Product highlights

Low investment cost

The entire machine configuration is relatively compact, the structure is simple, and the cost of purchasing the machine in the early stage is not high. Moreover, our diesel engine concrete mixer is made of wear-resistant steel, with few wearing parts, so the maintenance cost in the later period is also very low.

Humanized design

The concrete mixer diesel engine is equipped with a cover to avoid damage. Equipped with a water pump, no need to manually add water. And equipped with water weighing, the water intake can be controlled more accurately.

Easy to move

The bottom of the portable diesel concrete mixer is equipped with wheels, you can easily move it from one location to another.

Wide range of applications

The machine is diesel powered and has many fewer constraints than an electric powered machine. It can be used in areas with unstable power or construction sites where traction power lines are inconvenient.

Easy to operate

The mixing drum is rotated by the motor through the gear ring driven by the reducer. The mixing drum rotates forward for stirring and reverses for discharging. We will provide you with corresponding instructions and operation videos, and the staff who operate the machine can quickly learn after watching them.

Advantages of diesel drum mixers

How to properly use a diesel drum mixer?

  • In order to ensure the quality of the concrete mixture, before mixing, the cement, sand and water should be configured according to a certain proportion. At the same time, the hopper is required to discharge cleanly, otherwise it will affect the mixing ratio of the next mixture.
  • The diesel drum mixer should be placed on a flat and solid site, and there should be good drainage ditches around it. When the machine is working, put down the outriggers to jack up the frame and keep the tires off the ground.
  • Before the operation, the no-load test should be carried out. The staff should observe whether the rotation direction of the mixing drum or blade is consistent with the direction shown by the arrow. At the same time, check whether there is impact and jitter. If there is abnormal noise, it should be stopped for inspection.
  • When the hopper is lifted, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to stay or pass under the hopper. If it must be repaired under the hopper, the hopper should be lifted and then locked with an iron chain.
  • After the work is completed, some gravel or sand should be poured into the mixing drum. They can be released after stirring for 10 minutes. Otherwise, once the residual concrete has set, it will be difficult to remove. Moreover, there should be no accumulated water in the barrel to avoid rusting of the barrel and the blades.

Working site of diesel mixer


Q: Where have your diesel mixers been exported?

A: Australia, Peru, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Congo, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

Q: How long can this machine last?

A: This diesel drum mixer can be used for at least ten years. We started exporting officially in 2012, so far, only one customer who bought the machine in 2013 bought four accessories this year. In addition, no other customers purchased consumables.

Q: How to install after receiving the diesel engine concrete mixer?

A: To save space, we will remove the hopper and wheels when we ship. The structure of this machine is very simple, after receiving the goods, you can assemble it according to the instructions and installation video provided by us.

Q: How does the customer ensure that our company has shipped the machine?

A: Our process of delivering machines is transparent and will protect the interests of both parties to the greatest extent. After the machine is installed in the port, we will take pictures or video to the customer. Then the customer arranges the final payment, and we will arrange the delivery immediately.

Q: How to pay?

A: In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, our machines can be paid in two installments. First of all, we will send a proforma invoice to the customer, so that the customer can check the purchased product information. After confirmation, the customer can wire 30% as the deposit according to the above bank information, and pay the remaining 70% balance before delivery.

Delivery photos of diesel concrete mixer

Technical Data:






Charging Volume (L)





Discharging Volume (L)





Capacity (m3/h)





Max. Aggregate Size (mm)

Cobble: 40 Gravel: 60

Cobble: 40 Gravel: 60

Cobble: 60 Gravel: 80

Cobble: 60 Gravel: 80

Hopper Lifting Mode

Wire rope lifting

Hydraulic tipping hopper

Hydraulic tipping hopper

Hydraulic tipping hopper

Diesel Engine Power (kw)





Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)





Weight (t)





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