8 Benefits of Using Concrete Pumps in Construction Projects

Last Updated: 2022-12-30

The acceleration of modern society has led to people paying more and more attention to work efficiency, and the emergence of concrete pumps meet the needs of people who want to improve production efficiency.

The traditional method of conveying concrete is not only inefficient, but also makes workers labor intensive. When using a concrete pump to transport concrete, workers only need to lay pipes, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. So, what are the specific advantages of using concrete pumps? This article will give you a detailed introduction.

What is concrete pump?

Different from the traditional way of conveying concrete, a concrete pump is a device that uses pressure to pump concrete along the conveying pipelines. When the concrete mixer truck transports the mixed concrete to the construction site, how to transport it to the designated construction location? At this time, it is necessary to play the role of concrete pump. It is mainly composed of pump body and conveying pipes, and is often used in houses, bridges, roads, tunnels, water conservancy and other projects.

The common types of concrete pumps are: trailer pump, concrete mixer pup, boom pump truck and concrete line pump truck.

different concrete pumps

The trailer pump and concrete boom pump are mainly used to pump concrete, while the concrete mixer pump integrates the functions of mixing and pumping. The function of the concrete line pump truck is similar to that of the trailer pump. It adds a chassis on the basis of the trailer concrete pump for easy movement.

Different concrete pumps are suitable for different fields. When customers choose concrete pumps, they need to comprehensively consider the actual situation of the project and the different prices of concrete pumps, so that they can purchase the most suitable equipment.

Benefits of using concrete pumps

The benefits of using concrete pumps are as follows.

1.Pumping pipes can reach places that are difficult for people to reach

When using a wheelbarrow to transport concrete before, there were many places that the wheelbarrow could not reach, such as high-rise buildings. Now, the pumping pipes of the concrete pump can reach places that are difficult for people to reach. It can pump not only horizontally over long distances, but also vertically.

Moreover, two concrete pumps can also be used in series to increase the conveying distance and height to meet various construction requirements.

In addition, after the pumping pipe is laid, if necessary, workers can move the pumping pipe to any position, which is convenient and fast.

traditional and modern conveying methods

2.High degree of mechanization and high pumping efficiency

During the construction process, the conveying and pouring of concrete is continuous, so the concrete pump can work continuously, improving the pumping speed and construction efficiency.

Moreover, since the concrete pump and other construction equipment do not interfere with each other, other construction operations can be carried out near the pipelines while pumping, which greatly improves the construction progress and shortens the construction period.

3.Save manpower and reduce labor intensity

The concrete pump has a high degree of automation. Except for laying pipes, other operations can be completed by only three to five people, which reduces labor intensity and saves labor cost.

In addition, the concrete boom pump does not need to lay the pipe manually, but only needs the operator to press the corresponding control button to finish laying the pipe automatically.

4.Finish the projects quickly

Due to the high working efficiency of the concrete pump, it can help customers to complete the project faster. And after a project is over, the concrete pump can be quickly moved to another construction site, reducing the time required for transfer.

The concrete boom pump and cpncrete line pump truck have their own chassis, which is easy to move. The trailer pump and concrete mixing pump also have wheels, and only need to be towed by a trailer when transferring.

concrete pump helps finish the project

5.It can work well in harsh environments

In bad weather, when the construction site is blocked by vehicles and difficult for workers to enter and exit due to muddy roads and other reasons, the advantages of concrete pumping machine are more obvious. The cooperation of the concrete pump and the pipes make the long-distance pumping concrete possible, and the environment and other factors have little influence on it, so the concrete pump can be used for normal construction in bad weather.

Moreover, the electric control cabinet of the concrete pump is equipped with a remote control handle. The operator can control the equipment through the remote control handle, which greatly improves the safety of construction.

6.Wide range of applications and high return on investment

Concrete pumps are mainly used in the construction of concrete structures in roads, railways, buildings, ports, tunnels, bridges, water conservancy, slope protection and other projects, with a wide range of applications.

Concrete pumps have low investment costs. After purchase, customers can undertake different projects, recover the cost in a short time and start to benefit.

applications of concrete pump

7.Low failure rate and long service life

The important parts of the concrete pump, such as the main oil pump, diesel engine, etc., all adopt international famous brands. This not only effectively improves the quality of the concrete pump, reduces the failure rate of the equipment, but also increases its service life.

8.Simple and convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost

Generally when customers buy a concrete pump, the manufacturer will advise them to buy some extra wearing parts to store. In this way, if customers need to replace parts during use, they can do so at any time without waiting, reducing downtime.

Is a concrete pump a good investment?

Since there are many benefits to using a concrete pump, is it profitable to invest in a concrete pump? Is it suitable for new investors to invest in a concrete pump? We can analyze it from the market prospect, market demand and its return on investment of concrete pump.

On the one hand, from the perspective of market prospects and market demand, once the concrete pump appeared, it was welcomed by many construction contractors, because it not only greatly improved the construction efficiency, but also liberated a lot of manpower. With the continuous development of urbanization, various countries and regions will continue to strengthen infrastructure construction. This will also increase the demand for concrete in the market.

In this case, the demand for concrete pumps that can transport concrete efficiently will also increase. Therefore, it is very promising to invest in a concrete pump.

concrete pump in construction site

On the other hand, there are many types of concrete pumps, so the investors can choose suitable equipment according to their own budget. If the budget is sufficient, the concrete pump truck is a good choice. If the budget is limited, you can also consider investing in a trailer concrete pump or a concrete mixer pump.

After purchasing a concrete pump, if the concrete contractor can undertake a lot of construction projects, the concrete pump can help investors to complete one project after another faster, and enable investors to start earning profits.

According to the market research, it is found that no matter what type of concrete pump they invest in, within as short as six months or as long as two years, the investor will be able to recover the cost and start making profit.

In the end, when you invest in concrete pumps, the most important thing is to find a reliable concrete pump manufacturer, so as to ensure that you can buy high-quality equipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us!

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